Writing through Reading : A Naked Narrative Salon

Welcome to “Writing through Reading : A Naked Narrative,” a unique and liberating event that combines the joys of nudism with the art of creative writing inspired by the books we read.

Bring a beloved book or the book you are reading and leave your clothes at the door. Lead by DR Hanson, we will spend the afternoon doing a little reading, a bunch of writing, and tons of sharing. No writing experience or skill is necessary! Whether you’re a seasoned wordsmith or just starting your literary journey, you’ll find inspiration in the synergy of creativity and vulnerability.

This gathering is designed exclusively for queer men who share a passion for both self-expression and body positivity. This event fosters an inclusive, judgment-free atmosphere where participants shed their inhibitions along with their clothing.

Saturday, November 11, 3pm-4pm

Join us!

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